A rubbish time at Murrayfield!!
Monday, January 29, 2018 at 1:16PM
Water of Leith

Our first Clean-up of 2018 proved to be a very icy affair. 16 brave souls joined us as we tackled litter and fly tipping around Murraryfield. We collected over 30 bags full of litter, plus cones and a babies bath around the Stadium and then nearer Balgreen we hauled a mattress and trolley from the river bank along with 3 tonne bags of fly tipped landscaping waste.

The area looked great....then...all the snow melted off the hills, paths thawed and it rained..a lot. And the river levels spiked to over 1.6m at the Murrayfield guaging station on Wednesday, just when they were formally opening Phase 2 of the Flood Prevention works. And sadly more rubbish and debris was dumped by the high water. Thank you to the local residents who cleaned this up.

High Water on Wednesday

You can keep track of water levels via SEPA's Website CLICK ON ME for the link

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