Super Snowdrops and Hairy Hazels
Wednesday, February 21, 2018 at 12:18PM
Water of Leith

We are all hoping that spring is on it way and just occasionally the sun shines on a warm spot out of the wind, the birds start signinf and we can all dream that it is just around the corner....however its to turn colder next week so we will just have to wait. In the meantime there are #signsofspring to be seen along the river. Pairs of Dippers have been spotted. Snowdrops abound, it seems to be a great year for them and these are fairly newly planted ones at the Balgreen Wildlife Garden - don't they look lovely in amongst the winter aconites.

I have also been out spotting hazel flowers - so small, like pink hairs sprouting from the buds a yet so perfect - i could not get a good photo so I stole this from the Woodland Trust - Click on me for more info about the Hazel. Please share your signs of spring with us be it wildlife signings or flowers appearing


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