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Children's Events every Tueday of the Holidays

It all started with Minibeast Magic yesterday....Tuesdays during the school holidays are wild at the Water of Leith Visitor Centre. All events cost £3.50 start at 2pm BOOKING ESSENTIAL 0131 455 7367 (we only have 2 spaces left for the next event).

14th July – River Dipping. Join us IN the river for this favourite activity.

21st July – Water Force. Join us as we harness the tremendous power of water.

28th July – Wild at Art. Join us as get creative with nature

4th August – River Dipping II. So popular we have to run it twice. Join us IN the river for this favourite activity.

11th August – Wing It. Discover life on the wing as we harness the power of flight

20th October – Wilderness Survival Skills. Hone those survival skills along the Water of Leith




WOW we now have over 100 subscribers to our news feed. Thank you to all who have supported our new website and joined the feed. Tell your friends. If you have any feedback for us, or information / news stories you would like more of then please let us know. Cheers.


RIVER RAMBLE 2009 - sign up today please!

Have you ever wanted to walk the whole of the Water of Leith Walkway but could not find the motivation. Well why not join our event in July and challenge yourself to this delightful 12 mile walk, and raise money to help keep the river clean, green and beautiful.


THE RIVER RAMBLE 2009 is a sponsored walk along the Water of Leith Walkway on Sunday 19TH July 2009, we will Start in Balerno at 10.30 am near the High School and finish on one of the boats at The Shore in Leith, the distance is a little over 12 miles, or if you prefer a shorter challenge walk from Balerno to Slateford (5 miles) or from Balerno to Stockbridge (9 miles)


There is free entry for sponsored walkers or if you prefer you can register for £10 per walker or £20 for a family and not collect sponsorship. (entry includes lunch, water and a map) All proceeds are to help the Water of Leith Conservation Trust Charity No SC000015


Follow the ‘silver thread in a ribbon of green’ through the heart of our capital and help to raise money to protect it.

So go on register today!! Call us 0131 455 7367 for a form or visit to enter.


The Water of Leith Conservation Trust is a registered charity no SC000015. Our mission is: to conserve and enhance the Water of Leith as a haven for wildlife and an educational and recreational resource for all. We work to raise the profile of the river, improve its habitats, water quality and organise river clean ups. We educate over 5000 children each year and deliver around 52 workdays and clean-ups actively improving the river. Call us on 0131 455 7367. For more info about our work or the walk visit:


Orchids on the river banks

Reports have been coming in from our Wildflower Survey team and river patrol volunteers of Common Spotted Orchids (Dactylorhiza fuchsii) flowering along the river banks. These beautiful plants have a pink spike of flowers and fleshy spotted leaves, growing up to 25/30 cm high. Colinton seems to be the hot spot but do let us know if you spot one!


6 TIMES – Antony Gormley Statues proposed for the Water of Leith

Under the title ‘6 times’ Antony Gormley and the National Galleries of Scotland are proposing a multi-part work which would position six life-size cast iron figures between the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art grounds and the sea at Leith, with four of the figures situated at various points along the Water of Leith.

 Antony Gormley is an internationally acclaimed artist, earning recognition for his ‘Angel of the North’ sculpture in Gateshead and more recently the work entitled ‘Another Place’ where 100 cast iron figures were placed on Crosby Beach near Liverpool. This would be his first public installation north of the border.


The first figure would be situated in the Gallery grounds, buried up to chest level, the second placed in the pool behind Bell’s Mill Weir in Belford looking down into the water in a contemplative pose. The third in the river in Stockbridge begins to look upward, the fourth is planned for St Marks Park in the Powderhall area, number five is in Bonnington near the new section of walkway and finally the sixth sited on the end of the abandoned pier in Leith Docks.


The figures, like those placed at Crosby Beach, are based on Gormley’s body and will rust and age with time. As they will be in the water they will act as gauges for the height of the river and no doubt collect detritus. The works will be enigmatic and prove to be a great draw for visitors to the river, however their location and appearance will undoubtedly be provocative and stimulate discussion. Planning permission is currently being sought for the works and details can been seen on CEC's Planning Portal application number 09/01482/ful. We would be interested in your comments