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Marvellous Mayflies

On Monday 6th December at 3pm Craig MacAdam from Buglife will be extolling the virtues of these fascinating invertebrates during a talk at the Visitor Centre. As one of a programme of winter talks we welcome members, volunteers and the public to join in. £1 for members and £2 for non members. The variety of mayflies in the river is eye opening and their life cycle interesting and we will generally discuss the important of invertebrates to river life and Scotland’s biodiversity.  


Goosanders and Dippers but have you seen the Kingfisher lately?

Up and down the river we are getting good sightings of Goosanders and Dippers, feeding successfully and entertaining visitor with their fishing skills. But we have not had one kingfisher sighting in the last 2 months. If you spot this beautiful bird do let us know as we are keen to find out where they are. Hotspots are usually Warriston/Canonmills and Slateford/Colinton.



Planting Day was a great success

Last Friday over 30 volunteers helped us boost the biodiversity of Bell's Mill by planting over 500 wildflower plug plants and scattering over a kilo of seed. We chose our day well as it did not rain and was not too windy! The area has been fenced off with some chestnut pailing and hazard tape as we hope local dogs will not play to much in the mud while the plants and seed get established. Species planted include; Giant Bellflower, Oxeye Daisy, Purple Loosetrife, Millien, St Johns Work, Hawkweed, and Cowslip. Within the seed mix we have; poppy, cornflower, corn marigold, yellow rattle, yarrow, Knapweed, Birds Foot trefiol, buttercup, scabious among others. Hopefully the area will look great next spring and summer. thank you to SNH for their funding of this event and Jupiter Wildflower Nursery for growing on wildflowers for us.



BELLS MILL BIODIVERSITY BOOST - Volunteer Meadow Planting and Seeding Workday

This coming Friday 20th November we have planned a workday at Bell's Mills near the Gallery of Modern Art between 10.00am to 3.30pm.

The haugh land at Bells Mill was surveyed in 2008 and was found to be populated by rank and overgrown vegetation, we intend to introduce a management regime to increase the diversity of the site and boost its biodiversity. Since, a contractor has been on site to repair the nearby weir and opened up large areas of the haugh, which has presented us with the opportunity to access the site and carry out much needed seeding and planting works.

We are looking for volunteers to join us for the whole day or a few hours to help plant over 500 wildflowers and spread wildflower seed. Please come along at 10.00 for the morning session or 1.00 for the afternoon.

Gloves, Tools and Refreshments Provided.  Do call us if you would like more details, 0131 455 7367 for more details

This is a partnership project with City of Edinburgh Council Ranger Service, funded by Scottish Natural Heritage



Funding secured for walkway improvements

The steps and walkway from Roseburn to Dean Village are beginning to show there age. CEC Ranger Service and the Trust have been working on funding bids for over £40K worth of work in the area. Last week we got the good news that all the funding has been agreed. The lions share of the funding will come from WREN (a landfill tax credits provider) with additional money from Inverleith Neighbourhood Partnership and CEC Services for the Communities department. This is great news as the money willupgrade the access steps at Roseburn Cliff, the Coltbridge Viaduct, Belford Road, and Dean Cemetery, finally sort out the 'Donaldsons Puddle' and widen the path from Belford to Dean where possible. It is expected that the work will take place early 2010.