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Bonnington Blitz - Thank you to Lloyds TSB staff for your help

Last Friday 20 Volunteers from Lloyds TSB joined us for a clean-up and vegetation control session in Bonnington. We all had a fantastic day. The group pulled 8 kiddies bikes and scooters from the river, very unusual, perhaps the children of Leith have found an alternative way to upgrade their modes of transport. They also cleared around 40 bags of rubbish and lots of rusty metal, barriers, trolleys, a table and pallets, mind you they managed to get the grappling hook stuck 3 times in the silt. In the afternoon the groups worked really hard clearing back path edge vegetation, nettles, thistles and buddliea, and tackled just some of Himalayan Balsam in the area.

During the day I also spotted a jellyfish in the river - a first for me - just swimming under Great Junction Street Bridge and when we pulled out a buggy which had been in the water a long time, out popped a large eel, causing lots of girly screams.

There were a few tired faces by the end of the day but we achieved a lot, I hope you notice a difference in the area.


Finally a brood in Leith

Thank you to Mike for the following good news story;
You may recall that the female Mute Swan at Leith died earlier this year, and we feared that there would be no breeding in the area for the first time in many years. But the male (ringed ISS) managed quite quickly to find a new mate IJY, we think from St Margaret's Loch. By the end of May she had started to lay, eventually producing 5 eggs in the nest under Bernard Street Bridge, and we were delighted that on 10 July all five hatched.  This is quite late in the breeding season, but we keep our fingers crossed for the youngsters.

Kids Events Starts next week - book your places


 All events cost £3.50 per child (Accompanying adult free) & start at 2.00pm until 3.30pm.

BOOKING ESSENTIAL  0131 455 7367

 Thursday 8th  July – Minibeast Magic - Be magnified by the micro world of bugs

 Tuesday 13th July – River Dipping -Join us IN the river for this favourite activity.

 Thursday 15th July - Wing It - Life on the wing as we harness the power of flight

 Tuesday 20th July - Funky Flora - Find out just how 'groovy' wildflowers and trees are

 Tuesday 27th July – River Dipping Part 2 - Join us IN the river for this favourite activity

 Thursday 29th July - Summer Wilderness Survival Skills - Hone those survival skills along the Water of Leith

 Tuesday 3rd August - Wild at Art - Join us as get creative with nature

 Tuesday 10th August – River Dipping  Part 3 - So popular we have to run it three times. Join us IN the river for this favourite activity.

 Thursday 12th August - Water Force - Join us as we harness the tremendous power of water.


Hymalayan Balsam - An Alien Flowering soon on the Water of Leith


Himalayan Balsam is a non-native plant which is aggressively taking over the river. Squads of volunteering have been working from Juniper Green to Cannonmills in the past month pulling this alien invader out from the riverbank before is flowers and sets seed. This weekend why don't you join the crusade? If you see this plant, pull it out by the roots and chuck it away.  This method will help to knock back the amount of this plant along the river side and hopefully allow native plants to talk its place.

For more information follow this link


What are you wearing this week Mr Gormley?

I think this may become a regular issue on the blog, what are the Statues wearing. I passed Stockbridge on Sunday to see the figure wearing a 'We love Leith' tee shirt and a patroller sent this image of the Bonnington man wearing a bath tub!!


If you want to go Gormley spotting check out the National Galleries page for more information

6 Times Link