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Juniper Green Clean-up

Last Sunday's sunny clean-up in Juniper Green was a great. Lots of hard work from a small dedicated team, removing a number of large items from the river including cones and carpet and collecting around 20 bags of litter. The group also controlled vegetation along the path edge making it nice and easy for walkers and cyclists to walk the area. Thank you to all who took part.


Tokens at Waitrose help raise river clean-up funds

Shoppers at the Morningside branch of Waitrose have been voting with tokens to donate a share of £1000 to the Water of Leith Conservation Trust. Thank you to all to supported us, we had tough competition but on the final count it looks like we will scoop around £250, with Pet Fostering Service receiving around the same with the lions share to Cancer Research. Thank you to Waitrose for the opportunity and the help with raising our profile.


Congratulations to Yvonne and Thank you Standard Life

Volunteer Yvonne Caruthers has just scooped the prestigious Volunteer of the Year award at Standard Life's Chairmans Award ceremony. Yvonnes continued work with the Trust and her efforts organising the Cannonmills annual clean-up, meant the top prize for her and a donation of £1000 to the Water of Leith Conservation Trust from Standard Lifes Community Investment. Here are some pics from the glamorous event. Well done Yvonne!



Clean-up in Juniper Green planned for 21st June

We have planned a river clean-up for our volunteers on Sunday 21st June meeting at 10.00am at the Splash Bathroom Warehouse - down the lane behind the Post Office in Juniper Green. All are welcome, wear old clothes, wellies and let us know if you plan to attend.


Roseburn Primary School join the effort!

Last friday we were delighted when over 40 children and parents from Roseburn Primary School gave up their free time to clean-up round the park and river, a great job was done. With only 2 more clean-up to go the Big Spring Clean-up of the Water of Leith is nearly finished. Over a dozen river clean-ups have taken place over the past 2 months involving around 500 people. Whilst over all we think there has been less fly tipped rubbish to contend with there has still been an awful lot of snack litter. Citizens of Edinburgh Bin Your Rubbish!!!