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Council Funding

Many of you may have seen articles in the local papers about funding cuts to community organisations from City of Edinburgh Council. We were earmarked for a 32% cut (£8,500) from the grant we usually receive from the Council. This would have been devastating for a small organisation such as ourselves as revenue funding is really hard to come by. We have been lobbying in the last month to try and get this decision reversed and we are now hopeful that Service for Communities department will be taking on our whole grant. There are important meetings this week and fingers crossed we will have the more positive news confirmed. In the meantime you are welcome to add you voice to the e petition set up on line to boost support for our case.



Ice traps interesting dumping!!

I though I would pass on this photo taken by one of our river patrol volunteers of the ice in Leith. Just outside the Plumbline store on Sandport Place, this loo, seat and cistern had been strewn onto the ice. May look amusing in the picture but this will be a very ticky item to retrieve.


Otters Spotted

The otter is out and about again, just this week we have had evening sightings in Saughton and Stockbridge, so keep you eyes pealed and do not forget if you are lucky enough to spot the otter let us know.


Swishing at the Water of Leith Centre

Next friday evening 29th Jan we are hosting a Swishing Clothes Exchange evening for Craiglockhart Community Council. What is Swishing I hear you cry? Well bring along 3 or more good quality items of clothing, jewellery or accessories and exchange them for 3 new items. Enjoy a glass of wine while you browse the rails. It's a great opportunity to recycle unwanteds goods and bag yourself a bargain. Starting at 7 pm the evening is a fundraising event for the 'One More Spring' public art sculpture for Happy Valley. Tickets are £10 (£3 for under 16's) available from Angela on 0131 441 2960 email


Dramatic Rescue of Eeyore

This report is from a local resident whose dog Eeyore had a lucky rescue from the icy river.

 "This afternoon I was walking my English setters along the Water of Leith walkway when one of my dogs strayed onto an ice shelf in the river and crashed through the ice. He was clinging on to the ice with his forepaws but unable to climb out. By extreme good fortune some honorary water bailiffs were right by the spot where he fell in and putting themselves in some considerable danger proceeded to rescue eeyore from the very icy waters. Without their quick thinking and teamwork I doubt Eeyore would have survived."

I think this has to go out as a warning to dog owners, in these icy conditions please keep dogs on leads and away from the water. The Water of Leith is very deep in parts and the ice is unlikely to be very thick as it is a fast flowing little river. Our thanks to the Volunteers who helped out. Here is Eeyore enjoying spring, which he will now see again.