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Small Turnout Huge Haul at Saughton Park Clean-up

Last Thursday around 8 volunteers had an enormous job cleaning the river around Saughton Park. 42 bags of litter was collected - surely a record for just 8 volunteers, along with the usual trolley, pallet and bikes we found a microwave, buggy and set of shelves. Thank you to all who turned out. The next is in Balerno toward the end of October.


Bucket Bins in Balerno!

From the Phantom Walkway Scaffies
"I think these pictures tell an amusing & encouraging story from the walkway. Most mornings I join a walking companion,  & we go up to Graham's Garden (Balerno) & then back to the Kirkgate (Currie). We co-operate in collecting rubbish on the Walkway, so we keep that two miles quite clear. Recently we began to find, much to our delight & amusement, that a black plastic bucket, which us volunteers use when tending the garden & had left behind the pallisade, was being used for rubbish by those sitting on the stone seat.
I then had an idea, which I have now put into action, to stick a notice on the bucket, with waterproof clear tape, to show our appreciation, which reads:   
                      Many thanks for putting your rubbish in this bucket
                                         The Phantom Walkway Scaffies

Gormley's get the go ahead

The project to install 6 Antony Gormley statues along the river has been granted planning permission. The project entitled '6 Times' will see life size cast iron figures placed at the Gallery of Modern Art, Bell's Mill Weir, Stockbridge, St Marks Park, Bonnington and Leith. The project has sparked a lot of debate already and I am sure this will continue, but the first hurdle has been cleared as permissions were granted. For more details see our previous blog.


Swashbuckling adventure raises over £600

On Sunday the Visitor Centre and The Dells were transformed into the set of Treasure Island for a special fundraising treasure hunt, and a fantastic day was had by all visitors and volunteers. The rain managed to stay away for once as over 350 people joined in the hunt. Once they had found their map in the Admiral Benbow Tavern (aka the Visitor Centre), the treasure hunters headed upstream to encounter local legends and of course pirates. First they set sail with Captain Smollet and his crew on the Hispaniola, then they encountered the Wild Man Ben Gunn in his cave hideaway, and after a quick visit to the Pirate Graveyard, Hangmans Tree and Spyglass Hill, they made it to the Stockade. On theway they had to watch for Long John Sliver who was trying to steal their maps. At the Stockade they made boat and battled with a band of renegade pirates, before they could get the final clues to the location of the treasure. 75 maps were sold, greatly exceeding our expectations, and the Visitor Centre was busy all afternoon with children making flags, creating coins, dressing up and of course taking teas and homebaking. Here are some photos...aaarrrhhh.









Wet Volunteer clean-up St Marks Park

Thank you to the 17 volunteers who braved the rotten weather at last Sundays clean-up, especially the two who came all the way from Fife. We collected 27 bags of rubbish and found a number of larger items including a mattress and childrens slide. If you would like to become a clean-up volunteer, we usually meet every 2 or 3 weeks anywhere along the river, simply visit the Volunteer Page of our website, download the Volunteer Info Pack and complete the registration form.