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'Clean-up' a series of photos by student Katie Fulton

Fly tipping is a significant environmental issue along the Water of Leith with an estimated 200 cubic metres of rubbish, which is thrown into the river each year (the equivalent weight of two double decker buses). With only 200 registered volunteers to remove it the river continues to suffer from human negligence.

Clean-Up documents the issue of litter on the Water of Leith and what is being done by local volunteers to help preserve the river and surrounding environment. Raising awareness to the general public about the importance of the river to the city of Edinburgh is key to help resolving this issue.   As one volunteer says, ‘A river clean-up is surprisingly good fun, spending a morning hauling out rubbish is rewarded with a lovely clean and green river bank. What is not so rewarding is to visit the site a month or two later and seeing it in the same state.’

The series of eight photographs shows different types of litter found in the river like trolleys, tires etc pulled out by the volunteers at the Redbrae Weir Clean up, as well as portraits of the volunteers working at the annual clean up at Slateford. 

The Water of Leith provides a haven for fish and wildlife and also for people who live in Edinburgh and those visiting the city. The river stretches 24 miles from the south of the city beyond Balerno to the north of the city at Leith.  It’s an area of peace and tranquility, but people need to be made aware of the impact litter is having on the Water of Leith to ensure that the river is kept clean for people to enjoy!

Katie Fulton

Edinburgh Napier University










No such thing as a free breakfast - there is tommorrow


Weekend Clean-ups

There will be another busy weekend of clean-ups happening on the river. In Juniper Green the Geocachers will be meeting at 10.00, click on invite for event details:

Our Volunteers will also be out at Bell's Mill Weir at 10.00 am on Sunday. Meet in the Edinburgh Sports Club Car Park off Belford Road. Please feel free to join us.

Residents of Coltbridge will be working this weekend and we must thank Warriston residents for all there work earlier this week.




Ludovic Kennedy's Ashes to be scattered in the Water of Leith

This rather bizarre story was sent to us by google alerts, it appear the famous broadcaster was a fan of our small river, playing in it was a boy. Take a look at this article for more details.

The Scotsman Article



Oil Slick reported at Murrayfield

We have had many calls over the past few days about an oil slick appearing in the river around Murrayfield. SEPA are on the case and have traced the spill to the Moat Burn a small culverted tributary of the Water of Leith which joins just downstream of Ballgreen. Should you ever see pollution in this or any other river you can call SEPAs Pollution Hotline on 0800 80 70 60.

Follow this link for more on this story

Edinburgh Evening News Story 20th April