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Balgreen Garden is blooming what a difference a few weeks of sunshine makes



The Woodland Border is filling out nicely


The raised beds


Saughton Park, partial path opening and Belford bridge ramp is now open

Good news the path is now partially open at Saughton Park and lots of very exciting work to peek at though the fences. Also the ramp is open at Belford so just the Dean Landslide and Bonnington sections are still out of order.


Great Work at the Weekends clean-ups in Stockbridge and Dean Village

The work continues on the Big Annual Clean-up as teams tackled the river from Damside Weir to Falshaw Brigde. During the day we had 43 volunteers help - Thank you everyone. Here is a photo of just some of the team. Thank you to Dean Village Association and Stockbridge Community Council.

Some of the Stockbridge Crew

Part of the Dean Village pose!!


Another trip to the Parliament this week to celebrate #bagsofhelp from tescos

We were invited by Greenspace Scotland and Tesco to celebrate the two projects we have completed lately thanks to Tesco carrier bag levy, the Dean Valley Renovation and the Balgreen Community Garden. Overall in Scotland this fund has shared around £6million among over 2000 groups / projects and we were delighted to be in such interesting company.


Wee foxy visitor to the Centre this afternoon

Bonaly Primary School were being watched this afternoon during lunch break as this wee fella was so curious as to the noise