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Great Feature in this Month's Edinburgh Life on our 30th Year and Civic Reception

Copies on sale at the Centre too - Volunteers can you see yourself?


Other walkway news - tree works Balerno to Colinton, Bonnington closure extended again and bridge closed at Kates Mill

Over the coming weeks Contractors will be on site along the walkway pruning and thinning some of the trees along side the walkway from Balerno to Slateford to open up the canopy, improve sight lines and encourage some more light and diversity into sections. This is being done before the nesting season starts.

Bad news at Bonnington looks like there are further delays and more stabilisation works required so this section is unlikely to open until March.

There is a small closure of a bridge in the Dells near Kate Mill - this does not affect the main walkway routes but will limit some of the circular routes in the Dells.


On Monday 28th January we will be hosting a Bat Night at the Visitor Centre with Lothian Bat Group

Monday 28th January -  7.30pm - Bat Night at the Water of Leith
We will be joined by Natalie Todman from Lothian Bat Group to take a closer look at Bats, their fascinating lives and the work done locally to protect them.

8 otter sightings in 7 days - they are very active at the moment

This photo was take 2 years ago now but we have had 8 records this week of otter activity between Colinton and Dean Village so keep your eyes open. Winter is often the best time to spot wildlife as vegetation does not mask the view of the river, the kingfishers have also been very active.


Dean Valley Landslide Closure Update 

Below is a statement from City of Edinburgh Council's Natural Heritage Service please direct any queries to
· The Council (“CEC”) has raised legal proceedings against a number of parties in respect of the landslip at the Dean Path
· These proceedings have been paused pending further investigations by technical experts appointed by CEC and other parties respectively
·  Before steps can be taken to reopen the path, the causes of the slippage require to be identified and measures to prevent further slippage implemented
·  Public safety and future amenity of the area remain paramount
·  Technical investigations are progressing well and CEC is in close communication with all relevant parties to identify a suitable solution
·  Once a practical solution is identified it will require agreement between CEC and the neighbouring owner(s)
· The “pause” comes to an end in Spring 2019 and a decision will then require to be taken on further procedure. This may either be to further pause the case (if discussions are progressing well) or progressing with one or all of the actions.