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@JamesW_754 keen photographer shares this wonderful heron and dipper shots along with what he loves about the river

I've always found the Water of Leith a slightly surreal place. You're in the center of one of the world's great cities, a short walk away from the hustle and bustle of Princes Street, and yet you can be watching a yellow wagtail bobbing its tail with only the sound of running water filling your ears. Photographing down the river is a joy. Along my local stretch, I regularly see a pair of the aforementioned wagtails, joined by dippers dipping in and out of the water. A heron reigns supreme at the various weirs, standing still for what seem like hours before striking at some unfortunate fish. A lucky few may even see a speck of blue as a kingfisher flies past.  - James


Photo Tour of the Dean Valley

Thank you to Martin Brown for these great photos around the Dean Valley - just stunning in the sunshine.


Planning application is in for the Blue Goose site again 18/02817/FUL 

We have just discovered that the new plans for the site opposite the Visitor Centre have been lodged with the council - 10 days later we still do not have a neighbour notification!! What do you think of the new view!! To see the full plans visit CEC Planning Portal Click on me  and search for 18/02817/FUL. I have posted some of the local views below and this is what it will look like along the river bank!!


End of Term Fun at Forthquarter park with @NTSOutreach supported by SNH @nature_scot

To mark the end of term with one of our partner schools Forthview Primary, in the SNH funded, Learning in Local Greenspace Project we joined forces with NTS Community Outreach Team and  another local school St Davids RC Primary School to have a Fun Day at Forthquarter Park. 110 Primary 5 children from both school enjoyed activities in the park including - a water filtration activity, environmental art and hunting for wildlife. We all had so much fun in the sun and hopefully inspired the schools to continue outdoor learning in their local parks next year.


Himalayan Balsam Blitz - 3 tasks done many more to go!! 

Work continues to try and remove as much Balsam as we can from the river banks - the following are dates when you can join the volunteer team to pull this invasive species


Sunday 1st July 10.30am – 1pm Coltbridge and Roseburn Himalayan balsam and clean-up
Thursday 5th  July 10.30am – 1pm Himalayan balsam pulling in the Tanfield House/Colonies
Sunday 8th July 10.30am - 1pm Kinleith clean up
Tuesday 10th  July 10.30am - 1.00pm Himalayan balsam pulling in the Stockbridge to Colonies Bend
Tuesday 24th July 10.30am - 1pm Himalayan balsam pulling in Bells Mills to Belford area