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Next Clean-up is in Sunny Leith on 20th May

Sunday 20th May.  10.30 am – 1pm.  Clean-up the Leith area of the river between Sandport Bridge and West Bowling Green Street, rather appropriately with the cast from the Kings Theatre’s production of “Sunshine on Leith”.  Meet at the Coburg Street Car park. Perhaps they will practise some of their show during the clean-up!  


Plant Sale at the Visitor Centre this Saturday from 10.00 - 50p entry all welcome

We are getting very excited for this Saturdays sale. Our bedding plugs include these beauties grown on from donations by Pentland Plants - Gazania Daybreak Bronze, Fuchsia Deep Purple, Nicotiana Perfume Mixed, Geranium Pentland Scarlet, Petunia Multiflora Pentland Blue, Geranium Horizon White, Petunia Trailing Success Twilight Mixed and impatiens mixed, and many more species. We will also have Tree, Shrubs and Wildflowers donated by ALBA trees. Perenials, Veggies, Herbs etc. Redhall Walled Garden also have their sale on from 12.00 so if we have not got what to need you could pop along after you have been to visit us. There will also be a special tea / coffee and cake cafe on for the bargain hunters.



April has seen a total of 5 clean-ups since the launch of the Spring Clean on 8th April with our Debris Discovery Day

The Colinton community has cleaned up their patch. A small but very productive team generated this pile of bags!!

We had yet another clean-up in Leith as part of Earth Day celebrations with FOWLB, Changeworks and Leithers against Litter which produced a huge haul of rubbish again, at least we were able to recycle some of the litter.

And this Sunday we had a double whammy as our volunteers tackled the very gritty task of cleaning up Bells Mills Weir in the morning - a very dramatic event but access is tricky and we have a bonfire so it was for our fearless volunteers.

And finally this HUGE team of 50 Geocachers completes thier Cache in Trash Out CITO event with us again at Murrayfield - Thank you to everyone who is helping with the Spring clean!! We are at Warriston this week, then head to Dean Village and Stockbridge on 27th May.


May the wildflowers bloom in our Community Gardens

I just love this time of year as my favorite wildflowers pop their heads up; Anemones, Primroses and Snakes Head fritillary. Life at the Balgreen Community Garden has been very busy over the last few weeks. We had a volunteer work day which spruced up the garden; we reseeded the bee and butterfly bank now the fencing has finally blocked of the dangerous short cut, added some more flowers to the meadow and generally had a litter pick and a weed. Wildlife was instantly appreciative as we saw peacock and small tortoiseshell butterflies and lots of bumble bee. Blue tit were even nest building in the 2 boxes. 

The garden then played host to 6 groups of 30 children from Balgreen Primary School on their outdoor learning day, some created mud are and others joined WOLCT staff for a wildlife hunt along the river bank.

Work at our other gardens in Balerno and Stockbridge continues but keep you eyes open for these beauties



Local History Month events in Stockbridge


As part of Local and Community History Month LifeCare are hosting two FREE history talks. We hope they will help local people gain fascinating insight into the past centuries of an area we all live, work and play in every single day.
Wednesday 9th May – 3.30pm – 5pm
Local historian Andrew Kerr explores the history and architecture of Stockbridge
Wednesday 23rd May – 3.30pm – 5pm
Local historian Caroline Gerard discusses the history of Dean Village and cemetery
The talks will be approximately 30 minutes and following this we will be opening the floor to discussion about the history of the local area. Free event. Tea and cake will be provided.