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@FirrhillHS Pupils produce an excellent blog and report following a work placement - if ever proof was needed that Youth Volunteering Works this is it !!

CLICK ON ME to see the Presentation or read the blog below - its great stuff
On 16th May, 11 pupils from Firrhill High School in Edinburgh went to Water of Leith Conservation Trust for their S3 business placement. This is their blog....
Being completely honest, some of us weren’t really looking forward to the placement. We thought it might be too much hard work! 
Wednesday 16th May
When we arrived, our mentor for the day, Charlotte, told us a bit about the work of the Trust. Charlotte has worked in conservation for 18 years. She was hilarious trying to remember our names – Katherine will always be Katherine with a ‘K’, Lois will be remembered for wearing shorts and also for getting extremely dirty, and Arran is Scotland in miniature. Charlotte outlined the plan for our first day and then we organised the kit we would need. We travelled by bus to Currie and then walked to Poet’s Glen to undertake some conservation work. This is a picturesque path along Poet’s Burn which connects Blinkbonny Road to Harlaw Road. Charlotte had left the van with tools at the site so we didn’t need to take our spades on the bus! We unloaded the tools out of the van e.g. spades, trowels, shears and a grappling hook and found ourselves matching gloves. Charlotte explained how to use and carry the tools safely. We headed to the site and organised ourselves into groups. Some of us cleared litter from the river using the grappling hook while others sanded the bridge railings, cleared weeds from the path and felled ash sapplings to make stakes. By the end of the day you would not have recognised the site. The path is now clear of weeds, the bridge is sanded and you can walk safely up and down the steps. Exhausted but happy, we made our way back to the Trust.
 Lunch Break
Girls strip some willow!!
Thursday 17th
We met again on Thursday morning at 9.30 am. We all slept well. Fresh air and sunshine. Perfect. This time Sandra was there to support us. We started our second day by writing a blog of our first day and organising our presentation for school.  Sandra briefed us on the day ahead and we prepared our own kit list. We then headed out to an area of the river close to the Conservation Trust. We spent some time before and after lunch removing litter from the paths, clipping trees and removing Himalayan Balsam from the river banks. We headed back to the Trust, returned equipment and headed for home.
We had a great experience and would like to thank Charlotte and Sandra for their support. We learnt about the work of the Trust and conservationists, and developed our skills in working effectively as part of a team, communication and health and safety issues.
Thanks once again. Why not consider volunteering at the Trust?



Balgreen Garden is blooming what a difference a few weeks of sunshine makes



The Woodland Border is filling out nicely


The raised beds


Saughton Park, partial path opening and Belford bridge ramp is now open

Good news the path is now partially open at Saughton Park and lots of very exciting work to peek at though the fences. Also the ramp is open at Belford so just the Dean Landslide and Bonnington sections are still out of order.


Great Work at the Weekends clean-ups in Stockbridge and Dean Village

The work continues on the Big Annual Clean-up as teams tackled the river from Damside Weir to Falshaw Brigde. During the day we had 43 volunteers help - Thank you everyone. Here is a photo of just some of the team. Thank you to Dean Village Association and Stockbridge Community Council.

Some of the Stockbridge Crew

Part of the Dean Village pose!!


Another trip to the Parliament this week to celebrate #bagsofhelp from tescos

We were invited by Greenspace Scotland and Tesco to celebrate the two projects we have completed lately thanks to Tesco carrier bag levy, the Dean Valley Renovation and the Balgreen Community Garden. Overall in Scotland this fund has shared around £6million among over 2000 groups / projects and we were delighted to be in such interesting company.