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Address: Water of Leith Visitor Centre, 24 Lanark Road Edinburgh EH14 1TQ

Telephone: 0131 455 7367

Fax: 0131 443 1682


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The visitors centre is open every day from 10.00am to 4.00pm.

Except Christmas and New Year - Closed from 24th Dec to 3rd January.

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Water of Leith Audio Trail

Welcome to the Water of Leith Walkway Audio Trail.

20 special mp3 tracks have been recorded for you to download and listen to as you explore the Water of Leith from Balerno to Leith. 20 plaques will soon appear along the walkway to let you know which track you should be listening to at each location.

We advise you download all the tracks as you would an album, so they are ready to play as you discover the walkway. You can download all the files as a ZIP file by clicking here. 

Please note that it may take some time to download on slow internet connections as the complete bundle is 38.6Mb in size. You may also need to download software such as 7Zip to decompress the file when the download is complete.

You can download each track individually using these links below:

Note: - You may need to right click on your mouse and use the 'save link as' option in some browsers.


1. Balerno

2. Currie

3. Juniper Green

4. Spylaw Park

5. Redhall

6. Bog's Mill

7. Water of Leith Visitors Centre

8. Saughton Park

9. Roseburn Park

10. Bell's Mill

11. Dean Village

12. Dean Village Pt 2

13. St Bernard's Well

14. Stockbridge

15. Rocheid Path

16. St Mark's Park

17. Bonnington

18. Coalie Park

19. Sandport Place

20. Victoria Bridge

Each track provides local history commentary, and information about special features, the river and its wildlife. We also give advice on the route and orientation, this assumes that you are following the walkway downstream from Balerno to Leith.

This project has been put together by the Water of Leith Conservation Trust in partnership with the Scottish Government, with funding from local donors.

You will hear two voices across the track; Helen Brown Trust Manager with the Water of Leith Conservation Trust and Trustee Brian Henderson.

Below you can find a map showing the locations of each point,  listen to each track, and read a full transcript for each point. 

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