In addition to our Centre-based programme, you can now book our Education Officer to come to your school to deliver one of our unique Winter Outreach Programmes

November - March only (at your School)

Bringing the Water of Leith into the Classroom                    P1-S2         

This winter our outreach programme brings the wildlife, human history and conservation of the Water of Leith to your school.

Half Day Programme - This classroom-based workshop helps students find out about the river in their own community while also giving them opportunities to participate in creative writing, art and oral presentations.

Full Day Programme - This workshop combines the classroom experience detailed above with an activity walk from the school to the river.

The Plants and Wildlife of the Water of Leith                                 P1-P4

Stroke a badger pelt, investigate life under the surface of the water with a freshwater invertebrate sample, and smell the fishy odour of otter spraint. This hands-on workshop brings the plants and animals of the Water of Leith to your classroom whilst also teaching children about food chains, life cycles, and the ways in which we as people can look after the plants and animals living on the river. One hour.

Food Chains on the Water of Leith                                                  P3-S2

From algae, to mayfly nymph, to trout, to heron: this workshop teaches students about the many food chains on the river and the ways in which ecological communities are interdependent. Students investigate a freshwater sample for invertebrate life, observe a mummified Pipistrelle bat, and examine the contents of an owl pellet. Younger classes take on the role of different plants and animals in ‘The Great Water of Leith Food Chain Game.’ Older classes act as environmental consultants with real-life scenarios of disruptions to the food chain on the river. They discuss the potential impact of both natural and human disruptions and suggest ways in which we as humans can mitigate the impact. One hour.

 The Water Cycle and the Water of Leith                                         P3-S2

The water cycle is central to life on earth and yet it can be quite challenging for students to understand how it actually affects their lives. In this workshop, we look at the vital role of the Water of Leith in the water cycle and explore key concepts such as run-off and evaporation as they apply on the river. Students explore life under the surface of the water with a freshwater invertebrate sample as well learning about the otters that travel the river from its source in the Pentland Hills to the sea. Younger classes participate in our fun quiz game called ‘From Source to Sea and Back Again.’ Older classes examine potential natural and human disruptions to the water cycle in the form of real-life scenarios. One hour.


Outreach Programme

One hour £20

Half day   £40

Full day    £60