Antony Gormley Statues - "6 TIMES"

Turner Prize-winning artist Antony Gormley’s much-loved series of standing figures (6 TIMES) watch over the river as it winds its way through Dean Village and down to the sea.

The first of Gormley’s 6 figures can be found opposite the main pedestrian entrance of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art on Belford Road.  The next four standing figures can be found within the Water of Leith itself, silently bearing witness to the ebb and flow of the seasons. The first appears within the river behind the Gallery; a further three figures are situated downstream at Stockbridge, Powderhall and Bonnington. The last of the figures is located at the end of an abandoned pier in Leith Docks, looking out to the point where the Water of Leith meets the Firth of Forth.

Gormley Statue Locations