18.  Coalie Park

This area is known as Coalie Park. The river bank as been landscaped following its use as a coal depot and railway yard. In the past this marked the tidal extent of the river and it was also used as an area for repairing ships. In fact, invented a special technology here for hauling out ships for repair without the use of a dry dock.

Hear the water is impounded and slow moving. The Docks in Leith prevent the natural tidal ebb and flow of the water. Significant silt accumulations are visible and sadly being the lower end of the river you can also find more rubbish than on the upper reaches. However this does not hamper the wildlife. This is one of the best spots to see the river wildfowl. There has been a resident pair of nesting swans for many years and during the winter visitors from the Forth are common such as cormorants and Tufted duck.

As you continue downstream there are a number of interesting features to look out for including works of art and stone carvings. Watch for the remnants McGregor’s mill and the North Leith Church which dates form 1493. The next audio point is at the rest area on Sandport Place.

Video by Jim Cross, Edinburgh U3A Movie Makers Group

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