5.  Redhall

Welcome to the Dells! Possibly the most natural jewel in the Water of Leith’s crown. To discover the Dells you may choose any one of several routes. A scenic route would be to take these steps down to a footbridge just below Redhall weir – an impressive feature in itself – cross the river and follow the mill lade past Redhall Mill and its cluster of cottages. Then stay on the far bank of the river to Bogs Bridge.

Should you prefer a flatter route – you could continue on the cycle path which will eventually lead to the Union Canal where you must go left along the canal and cross the aqueduct rejoining the Walkway via the steps near the Water of Leith Visitor Centre on Lanark Road. A third choice available is to return on the cycle path and take one of the signed paths to your right to encounter Bog’s Mill Bridge and the next audio point.

The Dells in owned and managed by City of Edinburgh Council and is one of the only a handful of patches of ancient woodland in the city. Over 60 species of bird have been recorded here, including woodpeckers, tree creepers, buzzards and tawny owls. The unspoilt nature of the area has long been recognised by countless citizens of Edinburgh as a quiet rural retreat and fantastic place for a picnic. Do, please, take your time to explore this beautiful woodland.

Video created by Bryce Morrison, Edinburgh U3A Movie Makers Group

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