The Beavers of Knapdale is the next evening talk on 24th February – plus Summer events for 2020

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Monday 24th February –  7.30pm
Beavers are Back! The Scottish Beavers Project in Knapdale Forest.
Dr Helen Taylor  – RZSS

The beaver population introduced to Knapdale Forest, Argyll in 2009 was the first legal release of beavers in the UK and has played a big part in bringing beavers back to this country after an absence of over 400 years. The project is run by Scottish Beavers, a partnership between the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) and the Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT).

In this talk, Helen will explain the history of the project, the status of beavers in Knapdale today, and what challenges remain for the conservation of this amazing ecosystem engineer.

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