Wonderful Poem by our volunteer Ian who is clearly missing us – we miss all our volunteers too

Slatefore Bridge by Rob Hainsworth

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I am the river  (in isolation)

The dipper’s such a cheery chap
Diving in and out
It never fails to make me smile
With it’s lovely little rap.

The graceful heron meditates
On lunch she patiently waits
So peaceful and still
A true mindful state.

A head pops out of the water
My goodness can it really be
Yes it’s a young otter
Joined by two siblings and her mother

But otherwise it’s quiet here
Something is missing
All the walkways are clear
No people appear?

I miss these volunteers
Clearing litter off the banks
Dislodging trees off their weirs
Doing battle with loppers and shears.

Deep water waders
These are my people
Lifting out most hideous things
Some people think I’m a flowing bing.

“What’s in that sack?”
Such cheery banter“
Look after your back”
“Don’t stand on that cack”

No Water of Leith Conservation
Leading with such dedication
Bringing such a transformation
But currently in isolation.

Stay safe and it will soon end
Haste ye back my good friends.

Ian G Combe

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