Cutting Cutting Cutting… enabling social distancing on the walkway

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Johnny’s Journey – Sixteen days of cutting back vegetation and scraping paths either by yourself or with one other is character building to say the least. I’ve learnt it best to not look to far ahead for fear of being overwhelmed by the task. However, since returning from furlough on the 1st of June that has been my sole purpose of travelling the length of the walkway to cut back overgrown vegetation and to remove puddles so that people can safely social distance whilst using the walkway.

I’m into the last two miles of the first cut back of the main walkway and then I’ll be onto the smaller access paths and trimming again the areas that have had a big growth spurt. As we work through the different phases of lockdown I’m looking forward to getting more volunteers back in the future and making use of many hands.

These links take you to some twitter videos of Johnny’s activities

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