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Autumn term is always busy with high schools trying to fit in senior stage field study programmes at the Centre. After a year away, it’s been great to welcome them back to the river. With the help of Drummond Community High School biology teacher Sue Bellis, we’ve refreshed our biology field study to keep abreast of the changing needs of the curriculum. We’ve included our own research into Giant Hogweed into the programme, to give pupils a sense of the scope and importance of ongoing field studies to our conservation work. And of course, we’re talking more and more in all our educational programmes about the effects of climate change on the river and woodlands. On Wednesday, Drummond Advanced Higher Biology students were the first to trial the new programme and fun was had by all. 
For anyone who hasn’t yet seen it, watch the video Charlotte, Bryce and I made called Environmental Issues on the Water of Leith. We made it to better prepare senior stage pupils for a visit to the Centre, but hopefully it will be interesting to everyone. Let us know what you think!

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