Native wildflower planting along the river boosts biodiversity and supports pollinators


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For the last 15 years we have been creating ‘biodiversity boost’ sites along the river. These are sites which were selected for having a poor diversity of plant life, but the potential to be more beautiful and provide a better habitat for wildlife. The journey began with adopting a new management regime at Bells Mills meadow and the creation of Grahams Garden, in Balerno in 2006. Since then the number of ‘boost’ site has grown, literally, to 5 meadows, 3 community gardens and 3 walkway planting projects. Many sites supporting over 50 different species of wildflowers. These more diverse site now helping insects and pollinators find food and a home, in turn feeding birdlife and helping nature adapt and become more resilient to changes.

Teams have been out recently topping up the plant life along the river with native bulbs, plants and seed. Grahams Garden and Balgreen Community Garden have both been planted with around 250 wildflower plugs. Coalie Park and Stockbridge will be topped up in the coming few days.

Thank you to CEC’s Inch Nursery for growing on plant for us and to the volunteers for the sometimes back breaking planting work. Species planted recently include: Teasel, Selfheal, White campion, St Johns wort , Tansy, Ox-eye Daisy, Red Campion, knapweed, Sticky Catchfly, Cats Ear, Wild Carrot, Yarrow, Snowdrops, Winter aconite, Wild Daffodils, Bluebells, Ragged Robin and my personal favorite Devils Bit Scabious.

Bring on the spring and summer

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