Charlotte Runs Again

Not content with a marathon distance this time our adventurous Conservation and Volunteers Officer is taking on Scotland's first back yard ultra in Orkney, running 4.16 miles on the hour, every hour. It never gets dark so she could run day & night!

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“I will be running 4.16 mile loops around Twatt Farm in Orkney on 25th June 2022 as many times as I can in Scotland first backyard ultra to raise fund the help the river I love, will you show me some support?” – Charlotte Neary.

Charlotte has been running for 6 years and in 2020 ran 28 miles from Source to Sea along the river. Now she is upping her efforts to see just how far and long she can go.

7 times round would be 29 miles…or will she go even further than she has ever run before over 42 miles – 10 times round? But the key is you have to get round within the hour or your race is over!

This exciting challenge will be run on almost the longest day in potentially very windy conditions – so its going to be tough.

So please donate and in your message guess how many loops she will do.

More details about the race can be found here:

For the past 22 years Charlotte has been working to transform Edinburgh’s river in to the clean and green haven for wildlife it is today. She has lead over 1000 volunteer task and been responsible for removing hundreds of cubic meters of litter for our waterway. Her dedication and devotion is undeniable and her smile and laugh unforgettable, so help her raise funds to support the river she loves

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