Post Day: June 27, 2022


The Survey Team make some beautiful discoveries

One of our lesser known volunteer teams is the Survey Team – a botanically minded crew who help to monitor …


Keeping the Walkway trim and proper

Being attacked by nettles, wayward brambles reaching out to grab you or rain gathered in butterbur leaves soaking the bottom …


Resurfacing work gets underway from Slateford to Balerno – in phases

This image is of some preliminary work to improve drainage – it is not the new surface which will be smoother


The Murrayburn – a tributary in need of some love

On wading up this small stream last week we found a real mix of good and bad news. First the …


Charlotte ran and ran and ran – 46 miles in total

Regular readers will know Charlotte our Conservation and Volunteers Officer is a very fit lass, two years ago she ran …


A Summer of Fun along the river

With the schools about to break up parents and carers are always looking for fun, preferably free things, to do …