Passing on the knowledge

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When volunteers join the Trust whether at the visitor centre or in doing practical conservation all we ask from them is their energy. With our experienced staff to support them we can then take that energy and give them the training to wade the river, make a latte and recognise a Giant Hogweed plant at 20 paces.

On occasions though we love to bring in experts to offer that extra piece of knowledge and in the past that has involved eel rope making and plant surveys. Last week our survey team has some revision to do as they used the training they had been given last summer to survey the wildflowers in Bells Mills Meadow – one meadow done – five to go.

On Monday we were once again able to use the knowledge of Rob Brodie, from to train up a further seven volunteers in how to cut with a scythe and to run an improver class for volunteers trained last year thanks to a private donation.

Like many organisation especially those from an environmental field we are trying to set an example by reducing our impact and moving away from using fossil fuels on the walkway and greenspace that surround it, which means limiting our use of petrol strimmer’s. So keep your eyes open for our scything team cutting the walkway edges with their scythes whilst singing songs.


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