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Hanging up the Waders

This week saw a calendar milestone for our volunteers as we packed away the drying greenhouse and tested all our …


The Buzz of the Tea Break

On world mental health day Johnny reflects on the value of volunteering and the importance of the tea break


Passing on the knowledge

When volunteers join the Trust whether at the visitor centre or in doing practical conservation all we ask from them …


Local Companies Volunteer to help the river

This week’s there has been a surge of interest from Corporate groups to get out on the river and make …


Giant Hogweed work gets underway

Regular readers will know that we work each year to tackle this toxic and invasive plant which loves to grow …


Getting the River Summer Ready!

In some ways the river banks are very much like many of us in respect to not quite having the  …


Spring volunteering its rubbish, oh and railings, path edges, drains, willow fences …..

All the rakes, brushes & cutting tools have been given a huge work out over the last few months to …


Willow Spiling – A Traditional, Natural Solution to riverbank Erosion in the heart of Edinburgh

Read how we worked to develop a project at Roseburn to create a ‘nature based solution’ to erosion


Volunteers get to know their Bryophytes !

While wading in the river the conservation team often notice masses of different mosses and liverworts that are blanketing the riverbank in layers. Species changing with the river levels, light, temperature, geology, and habitat. Winter is a great time to work on your Bryophytes Identification as other plants are still dormant allowing one to get a closer look at this wonderful micro world.


Plants of the Dells by Juliet Wilson

Volunteer Juliet shares her experiences of wild plants along the river in the Dells


January Volunteering Round up

Every month is busy for our volunteer team but this January we have been capitalising on low water levels and …


Charlotte looks back at 2021 with gratitude

When I think back on a year of conservation along the Water of Leith river, none of this would be possible without our wonderful award-winning volunteer team.