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Address: Water of Leith Visitor Centre, 24 Lanark Road Edinburgh EH14 1TQ

Telephone: 0131 455 7367

Fax: 0131 443 1682


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The Trust is funded in a variety of ways. We are grateful to the City of Edinburgh Council for their grant support, we raise money through the Visitor Centre and each year we seek donations and create fundraising events - such as Plant Sales and Duck Races. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR DUCKS THIS METHOD OF BUYING THEM IS NOT CLOSED TO ENNSURE WE CAN PROCESS THE DUCKS BEFORE RACE DAY. DUCKS will now only be available on the day at the Centre from 2.00pm

Please pass on a donation to us, see the list below as it indicates ways your contribution can support different elements of our work:

£5 buys a sieve, bug box and clipboard to kit out a child on an educational visit
£5 buys a tree and tree tube to plant along the river
£10 buys a pair of gloves, litter picker and bags to kit out a volunteer.
£50 buys a pair of waders
£100 supports 1 volunteer for 1 year
£100 pays for our Community Officer to work with disadvantaged groups along the river for a day, supporting arts or heritage based projects.
£250 supports everything needed for a river clean up – including staff, administration and resources.
£500 would supply plants and tools for a wildflower planting project to improve riparian habitats
£750 would qualify a volunteer, under the Lantra training courses, to use a chainsaw or brushcutter
£1000 would pay for an Aquatic Plant survey of the river to monitor water quality and the impact of development
£1500 provides all the tools, equipment and protective clothing we need for a year.
£1500 resources our schools education programme for a year
£2000 would pay for an electro-fishing survey to check the health of the fish populations in the river.
£2500 supports 10 river clean ups
£3000 would produce a new DVD for our Visitor Centre exhibition to educate the general public about water quality, biodiversity and the heritage of the river.
You can donate to the Water of Leith Conservation Trust on-line using a credit or debit card. If you pay tax in the UK, then we strongly reccomend that you select the "Gift Aid" membership options - as it allows the Trust to claim extra money back from the Government at no extra cost to you.
If you indicate that you'd like the trust to claim Gift Aid on your membership fee, we'll also assume that you authorise us to claim gift aid on any subsequent donations or membership fees we receive from you in the future.