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Management Plan and Flood Prevension Scheme 


Our vision is of a river that we can all be proud of, now and for the future: a river that is healthy, which flows through a green corridor from the hills to the sea, is a haven for wildlife, is enjoyed and managed by the public, and is valued for its built and cultural heritage.

Click below to view the management plan for the Water of Leith.  It is designed to last for a ten-year period (2010 – 2020) and covers all the major uses of and interests in the Water of Leith.  It includes actions to deliver environmental improvement for the Water of Leith, whilst balancing the needs of all stakeholders and user groups. 

Management Plan

Topic Papers

Environmental Assets 1

Environmental Assets 2

Environmental Assets 3

Environmental Assets 4

Environmental Assets 5

The plan has been prepared for the Water of Leith Action Group with funding from Scottish Natural Heritage, City of Edinburgh Council and support by the Water of Leith Conservation Trust, by Sue Bell Ecology.  It is hoped that other stakeholders with an interest in the management of the river may wish to be involved in the implementation of the management plan.

A number of agencies and organisations are currently involved in managing the river.  Some of these, such as the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and the City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) have statutory responsibilities for aspects of the river’s management, whilst others, such as the Water of Leith Conservation Trust (WoLCT), are voluntary organisations. A plan is needed to provide direction for all stakeholders and landowners over the future management of the river.  Shared objectives and priorities will give clarity to the implementation of action along the river and a unified and agreed plan will mean greater support from all stakeholders.  Defining roles and responsibilities and reporting on performance against objectives will deliver a more cohesive approach to the river’s management.

This plan has been written for groups and organisations who are already involved in managing the Water of Leith, and who know and understand the issues that require to be addressed.  These organisations have requested a management plan that is “action led”.  For that reason this document starts with a summary of the key management issues and then presents a series of summary actions, which are contained in Tables depending on the priority with which each action should be implemented.   


In April 2000 the Water of Leith flooded many areas of the city after a long period of sustained rain. The current flood prevension scheme is in reaction to this event - news and details below of Phases 1 and 2

PHASE 2 OF THE FLOOD WORKS AT MURRAYFIELD IS UNDERWAY - A section of the Walkway will be closed from May 2016 ro January 2018, a local diversion is in place. For details of the scheme and the latest newsletter CLICK ON ME to link with the Contractors Website


Phase 1 of The Water of Leith Flood Prevention Scheme began in February 2011, when Lagan Construction was appointed as the main contractor for the works. Phase 1 is divided into 5 work units: Bonnington, St Marks, Warriston Road, Stockbridge Colonies and Veitch's Square.

Click to view the drawings for each site


St Marks Park

Warriston Road

Stockbridge Colonies 1

Stockbridge Colonies 2

Veitches Square

The objective of the scheme is to provide a higher level of protection to those homes and businesses that are at risk in severe flooding events.   The flood defences consist of substantial reinforced concrete flood walls, which are finished in natural stone, brick or a textured concrete to suit the surrounding area.


The water body data sheets contain information on classification and objectives for particular rivers, lochs and groundwater bodies in Scotland. The data sheets form part of the Scotland and Solway Tweed river basin management plans. Details can be found on SEPA's website

The Water of Leith and catchment is divided in to 6 water bodies:

3700 Murray Burn confluence to Estuary

3702 Poet's Burn to Murray Burn confluences

3703 Harperrig Reservoir to Poet's Burn confluence

3704 Source to Harperrig Reservoir

3705 Bavelaw Burn - main tributary (Threipmuir Reservoir to Water of Leith)

3701 Murrayburn - a culverted tributary

If you are interested in the Rivers Flow levels please click on this link to SEPAs site and search for the Water of Leith

For the flow over the year or for past data once you have found the water of leith click on the link to National River Flow Archive Link in the table