Post Day: March 4, 2020


Look who is running the London Marathon on our behalf!!! Its Charlotte

Charlotte Runs the London Marathon We have been lucky enough to win a place for Charlotte Neary, our Community and …

Leaping Otter by Richard Wells

Leaping Otters!! Sightings and stunning photos of our otters continue to pour in on twitter and email

Thank you to Richard Wells for this stunner taken around Saughton Park

Visitor Centre

Logos and signs abound with a WOLCT Cargo Bike, Walkway Water Bottles, and the Trusts old Centre sign all featuring

Look what we have borrowed from SUSTRANS – an electric cargo bike. To alleviate the pressure on the van and …


Puddle Problems along the Walkway

Volunteers have been out in force this last 3 weeks clearing puddles and drainage issues – the wettest February on …