We had a busy few weeks before the shutdown with path work, a Leith clean-up and planting work all carried out by volunteers

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From the 8th March to the 16th we managed to squeeze in 7 volunteer tasks almost one everyday!! Here are some pictures and details of the task – thank you to all involved. 

Our Volunteer gave Balgreen Community Garden and spring spruce up
Fences, planting and path work in Colinton with Hit squad
HMS Water of Leith was our cleaning the basins again
Volunteers from Story Contracting joined us to clean up and plant up at Bonnington
A group of young folk from Barnadoes helped clear Rocheid Path
Hit Squad helped to sort out the HUGE puddle at Donaldsons, do what we could with the french drain and plant hazel trees to help stop soil run off the slope
Young volunteer from Dummond Community High School helped to install a temporay tip toe section over the tunnel puddle

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