An Update from Active Travel which includes the Walkway

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Active Travel Update 

Since restrictions were introduced to help manage the coronavirus outbreak, there’s been an increase in people using the city’s network of paths, as well as parks, as part of their daily exercise and for travelling to work or local amenities – with up to five times their normal use.

Data up to week five of lockdown shows increases on the Union Canal towpath, with 17% growth in pedestrian numbers at Harrison Park, whilst cycling numbers have grown by 76% at Wester Hailes. On the North Edinburgh Path Network at Rodney St, pedestrian numbers have grown by 14%, cycling numbers by 32%.  At certain times of the week, especially weekends, much bigger increases have been recorded.

While it’s great that the routes are popular and well-used, we want to make sure that everyone can undertake and enjoy their daily exercise and travel in safety and comfort.

Paths for everyone code of conduct

The campaign will direct people to the ‘Paths for Everyone’ section of the Council’s web pages, where we hope to be able to display information such as busy routes/times, coming from our pedestrian/cycle counter data.  This aims to encourage people to use alternative routes if they can or exercise at a less busy time.  ‘Smarter Choices, Smarter Places’ funding for this project is gratefully received from Paths for All.

About the campaign

Temporary signage will be rolled out this week, starting on the active travel network entry points, and signage in the parks will follow.  We will be running a complimentary social media campaign also, and we would really appreciate your support with sharing this content amongst your followers and networks. 

Report issues

There might be local issues that you are aware of where additional signs may help. Please email your suggestions to [email protected]

The Trust has been looking at pinch points and sightlines along the walkway and hopes to do some work when restrictions ease to broaden very narrow parts (if possible) and /or create sightlines so you can see folks coming a possibly step off the path – rather like passing places on rural roads. If you have any suggestions for places this kind of work might help do let us know

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