50 small socially distanced tasks have been undertaken to keep the river accessible and the INNS under control

'Hit Squad' volunteers, off to wade the river - what a merry bunch!

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If you follow us on Twitter you will have seen a steady increase in activity along the river by Charlotte and Johnny with a handful of ‘Hit Squad’ volunteers over the past few weeks. Since lockdown, we were tasked with the essential work of removing Giant Hogweed from the river and from June cutting back vegetation along the path edges to enable better social distancing along the walkway, and as we eased into Phase 3 we could begin working back on river clean-ups and pulling Himalayan balsam. When we totted it all up an amazing 50 tasks have been completed since 1st April, all in accordance with government guidelines. This amounted to 225 volunteer hours as initially, only one volunteer could accompany staff – then 2 and now 4!! Thank you to all who have supported our passage out of lockdown and helping to keep this vital asset for the city managed appropriately. 

Ian tracking down the Giant Hogweed
Clean-up work begins again

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