Latest from Scottish Water on the CSO upgrading works at Juniper Green and Colinton

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Latest from Scottish Water – We have set up the compound at the site at Juniper Green and have completed some tree clearance. There were some delays caused by the discovery of an old underground culvert/lade which needed to be treated and a photographic survey and review were carried out and shared with the council. We are now ready to infill the culvert and progress onto the main construction works. 

This is a diagram showing the diversion routes at the site – The first 3 is the current bypass route in place now.

And this will be the new route when we start the work at Juniper Green.

There have been issues with some cyclists coming through the diversion too fast and we have had a call for cyclists dismount sign to be put up. We are currently discussing signage with the project team and hope to improve signage around the site diversion. In addition – Our other site at Colinton Dell is still on track to mobilise the site around 12th October and Scottish Water will be updating Stakeholders on this one nearer the time.

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