Walkway closures still causing problems

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Water of Leith Walkway regulars may have noticed that work is underway on the landslip above the Dean Village and its due to be complete and open by the end of March, keep your fingers crossed for fair weather to see this long term issue dealt with.

Sadly a section of walkway immediately before that along side the Belford Britannia Hotel is now closed due to a damaged palisade fence. This section is owned by the hotel and pressure it being brought to bear on the Council and the Hotel to seek a resolution as the alternative routes are long and involve many flights of stairs.

In Bonnington the section from Newhaven Road to Anderson Place in once again closed due to an unsafe walk right next to the walkway again a resolution is being sought. Any queries on walkway closures please contact:

[email protected]

We have made a helpful pdf with suggested alternative route which you can download here. CLICK ON ME FOR WALKWAY PDF

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