Boosting Biodiversity by planting wildflowers and sowing seeds

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This mild extended autumn has really helped us with this years planting season. Back in March Trust Manager Helen was in her happy place browsing Scotia Seed website selecting species of wildflowers which could be grown on for us by the Council’s Inch Nursery. At the Nursery they had a tough growing year with the warm dry weather but over the last 2 weeks we have been collecting and planting around 2000 plug plants. Many have or will be planted at Coalie Park in Leith to boost the biodiversity of the area ahead of park improvements next year (hopefully if we can get all the funding in place). We focused on robust species such as foxglove, teasel, selfheal, yarrow, ladies bedstraw and oxeye daisy. However we have also included some stunning wildflower such as great mullien, melancholy thistle, cowslip, vipers bugloss, common mallow and devils bit scabious

Wildflowers have also been added to our medicinal garden in Stockbridge and some path edges which are a little bare. The three main wildflower meadows have had a double treatment as they have all been augmented with seeds and will get some selected wildflowers in areas which have reduced diversity.

We hope the plants take and will give us and the city’s wildlife a treat in the spring.

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