High flows cause problems for the path network

A very wet end to 2022 took its toll on the river and its walkway.

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On 30th December the river recorded a very high flow rate – with the river shooting up 2 meters in a matter of hours. This meant flood gates were mostly closed and sections of the path became impassable

This left behind mud and silt on many path sections and other areas were scoured away by the water. Thankfully our volunteer team were on the case and within two weeks most areas were cleared and repaired. Some sections are a bit rough and ready but all areas are now passable with the exception of the Bridge at Belford, which was washed out by the water.

We hope this will be repaired in the coming weeks – meanwhile you will need to find a local diversion via the Gallery of Modern Art or up the Magdala Steps – see map below. Contact [email protected] for updates

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