Local Companies Volunteer to help the river

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This week’s there has been a surge of interest from Corporate groups to get out on the river and make a difference. Thus who are we to turn down the extra muscle and also some income to buy biscuits for our regular volunteers.

We started the week with Research Data Scotland wading the river from Longstone – Bogs Bridge pulling out two trolleys, wet wipes and other junk.

Wednesday we were out with Martin Currie down at Stockbridge doing a mixture of path maintenance and wading the river keeping everything in good order.

Whilst on Thursday we had Ballie Gifford out doing the same from Gorgie Rd to Longstone island.

Recently we have also had work teams from Blackrock, data team from the Scottish Government and EDF renewables

We have 6 more companies booked over the coming week. If your office would like to come out and experience the river, up to five staff can come and join in one of our regular volunteer sessions. For a larger group we run bespoke sessions and more details can be found here https://www.waterofleith.org.uk/corporate-groups/

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