Discarded Doggy Do dos!

What is at the end of the Colinton Tunnel rainbow?

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So the old issue of dog waste has reared its ugly head again along the walkway, compounded by the recent bin workers strike action, which has seen street waste bin collections suspended.

Overflowing bins and piles of discarded bagged poos does make for a very smelly entrances to many of our parks and greenspaces. And the Water of Leith Walkway is littered with discarded bags of poo.

This seagull was merrily pulling out poo bags to see if anything tastier could be found in the bin and we had to keep shooing this hungry lab from trying to steal whatever was left in this bag dumped next to piles and piles of bagged up poos.

We ask you lovely dog owners during this time please pick up the poo and if the bin is full please take it home with you and add it to your own bin (not easy at the moment we know). But we really do not want animal waste and its plastic to end up in the river or for our volunteers to pick up. The ‘but its biodegradable plastic’ argument does not wash I am afraid as if dumped in nature rather than in a compost heap (which needs to regularly reaches a hot temperature) they can take 2 years to degrade.

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