Dancing on ice and ice actually dancing

What a few weeks it has been for freezing conditions on the river and walkway and wonderful wildlife spotting

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The feature images is of one our otter cubs braving the ice for a wee dance – This encounter was thrilling for photographer Richard Wells @WildPhotoScot who popped into the Visitor Centre shortly after to warm up and tell us all about it.

In fact wildlife spotting on the river has been so spectacular that film maker Ryan Blackwood made this compilation.

Pancake Ice has been a hot topic on social media – These photos by Tom Kelly captured these unusual circles of ice at Saughton. These ice discs are formed when foam on a river begins to freeze & they are drawn into an eddy, creating round shapes.

Ruthanne Baxter posted this video of the ice below Bells Mills Weir, wonderful how they spin and dance in the water – https://twitter.com/i/status/1603539277732020224

Winter wildlife spotting has also be wonderful this week as people encounter northern visitors such as waxwings, fieldfare and redwings all visiting the river. This waxwing image is again by Tom Kelly

We even saw the Redbraes sewer vent chimney steaming for the first time https://twitter.com/i/status/1602699532793483264

With the river freezing solid in Leith, foxes have been spotted out on the ice and herons deciding to try rat catching rather than fishing. This image shared by SOS Leith shows the Ocean Mist on a beautifully snowy evening

We have had to cancel a few volunteer tasks this week (it is hard to plant trees when the ground is frozen) but teams have been out clearing ice and snow from paths, moving vigorously to keep warm and stopping frequently for tea breaks

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