What a year! The results are in… 2022/3 saw all areas of our work flourish.

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At the end of the financial year we like to crunch the numbers – how many tasks? How many school pupils visited? Just how many hours of work did the volunteers put in. We knew it had been a busy year but just check out the results below:

Number of Practical Volunteer tasks: 274 (avg of 5 tasks per week all year round!)

Total number of volunteer hours: 10,905 (a contribution equivalent to £108,000 at the national living wage)

Total number of learning activities delivered: 177 (schools, event, group visits walks and talks an average of 3.5 per week)

Number of Visitors to the Centre: 25,388

These totals represent a lot of work by Staff and Volunteers and it all helps to transform the Water of Leith into a healthy river cared for by its community.

The details will be available soon in our Annual Report

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