Michaels First Month

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Well here I am, Michael the trainee ranger!

I’m still getting used to the idea, and pinching myself on my morning commute that I’m actually working on the wonderful Water of Leith!.

As with many new beginnings there’s been lot goings on, plenty of things to learn and people to meet. Everyday is different here, with so many joyful surprises dashed with an occasional seasoning of surrealism.

I was surprised while wading in the river, through Colinton Dell, to find an old safe to haul out. sadly just filled rust.

Ive learnt to look up before getting too comfortable under a tree for within moments of introducing itself to the 12 yr old students – splat! I then had a pigeon mess hairstyle to pull off for the full day

With the learning I’ve also been involved in helping inspire the next generation to be excited about the water of Leith. It’s been joyous helping out in the outdoor education days with river dipping, mayfly spotting and helping primary kids use leaves and stones to create Andy Goldsworthy style masterpieces on the Riverbank.

It’s been so nice to be welcomed as part of a team here but also a huge community of volunteers that regularly work with. It’s only been just over a month of being on the river but my goodness what a brilliant month it’s been! So now as the sun shines and I prepare for a welly waddle through the river, I look forward and smile at what the next month has got installed for me as the jolly rambling trainee ranger for the Water of Leith.

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