Walkway is open at Murrayfield but sadly more sections close for bridge repairs
Friday, November 3, 2017 at 11:15AM
Water of Leith

It is great to see the Walkway finally open at Murrayfield following the flood works - the area looks a bit bleak and the path is broad and a bit jarring at the moment but it will all soften with time as the landscaping grows and settles in


Water of Leith Walkway Path Closures Update November 2017
There are currently fivepath closures along the route, as follows:
The section through Saughton Park, between Fords Road and Balgreen Road is closed.  This is due to the HLF Works.  There are signs on site which state the closure will be in place for 52 weeks, therefore it’ll be August 2018 before it is re-opened.  There is a sign posted diversion in place.  Please direct all enquiries/complaints to Linda Anglin, Saughton Park Project Manager linda.anglin@edinburgh.gov.uk or Pete McDougall, Project Development Officerpeter.mcDougall@edinburgh.gov.uk
The section between Magdala steps and Belford Bridge is due to be closed, this is to facilitate the replacement of the timber ramp and the painting of the steel footbridge downstream.  The Footbridge painting works is programmed to begin 6 November and last 5 weeks. The site will shut down over Christmas, where the footpath will reopen temporarily.  The structure replacement works are planned to begin in the new year and be completed mid-February where the traffic management diversion will again be in place.  
The section between Sunbury Place and the Dean Path steps is closed due to a landslip.  The most recent update I have in relation to this is that investigations have now been completed by the appointed engineers of the home owner above the landslip. The councils legal team is currently in negotiation with the home owners legal representatives to progress the resolution of re-opening the footpath as soon as possible.  
The section between the east end of Rocheid Path and Cannonmills (Tanfield Footbridge) is closed to facilitate maintenance works.  Works are due to be completed by Friday 10th November with the path reopening thereafter.  A sign posted diversion should be in place.  
The section between Newhaven Road and Anderson Place (this is the path that follows the river) has been closed by Miller Homes. This is to facilitate work to take down and rebuild the section of brickwork wall in disrepair and to carry out the required surface water drainage outfall to the Water of Leith requiring the construction of pipework under the footpath and also a new headwall within the riverbank.  The works are expected to take approx. six months therefore the path may be closed until the end of January 2018.  There should be a sign posted diversion in place, checked and maintained by Miller Homes.  


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