Messing around with industrial salvage and milling heritage in Juniper Green 
Thursday, December 7, 2017 at 11:59AM
Water of Leith

Can you guess what it is?

We have Mark Metcalf, neighbour of the river and friend of the Trust, to thank for his unique piece of the rivers history. We plan eventually to have it on display outside the Visitor Centre. It is very heavy so we needed help from another of our neighbours and supporters Domenic Tedesco, and his truck to help us move it to a more accessible place. Originally it came from snuff mill in Juniper Green, rescued by Mrs Veitch of Veithes Nursery, and then passed on to Mark, who is also an antiques valuer. So any ideas?

Its a snuff grinder - on a huge scale. This is an idea of how it would have looked inside a mill.

While I was out and about Domenic showed me the work he has done recently to open up the sluice and lade of Woodhall Board Mill. Once he had cleared decades of rubbish and branches he was surprised to hear the water rumble through an underground lade and pop back out into the river. Maybe in the future a turbine could see power once more generated from this weir.


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