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Fallen Gormleys

Just to let you know the fallen statues should be righted soon, now the river levels have dropped you can see the mechanism at the base. Makes quite an amusing image!!


Mink and Otter on the Water of Leith pictures

Now we have side by side mink and otter pictures .... spot the difference!!!

Sadly we have had many mink sightings with young over the past few weeks especially in Stockbridge and around Chesser, and no news of our female otter having breed this year. Keep reporting the sightings to us.

Otter pic is from Gerry Parker and the Mink from





Clean-up and Balsam pulling at Murrayfield

A quick reminder we have a clean-up and balsam pulling session meeting at 1.30 tomorrow (friday) at the Murrayfield Ice Rink. Volunteers welcome.


Fallen Gormleys

Thank you to everyone who reported 'missing' Gormley statues today. They have in fact fallen alcohol involved...just lots of water. When the river is in spate and a flood risk possible the statues will fall over so they do not impede the flow of the river or get damaged by large items washing down the river. The heavy rain over the last few days caused a large rise in river levels toppling Powderhall man and Bonnington man. The National Galleries have been altered and will right the statues as soon as possible


Sunday 18th July - Guided Walk - Roseburn to Dean Village

Why not join Trust Manager, Helen Brown, for a Guided Walk through the rivers heartland, discover the beautiful Bells Mills area and historic Dean Village. Booking essential reserve your space by calling 0131 455 7367 or email us £3.50 for non members £1 for members.