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Up coming Events - Foraging, History, Bridges and Ducks

Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd September – 2.00pm both days
Foraging Weekend along the Water of Leith - Slateford to Colinton
These guided walks will be run by Frances Hillman from University of Edinburgh and will form part of her dissertation research into using foraging as a teaching tool for environmental education. Each session will end with tea and biscuits made from foraged foods and the group will  have a discussion about the topic. Meet at the Water of Leith Visitors Centre spaces are free but limited so BOOKING ESSENTIAL. 
Saturday 1st of September – 2.00pm – Foraging Urban Weeds. Learn about the ecology of edible weeds that grow in Edinburgh and how to use them
Sunday 2nd of September – 2.00pm – Foraging invasive species .Learn about the ecology of invasive species that grow in Edinburgh and how to use them.
Sunday 9th September – 2.00pm
Historic Villages of the Water of Leith -  Belford and Dean aka the Water of Leith Village.
A Guided Walk around the rivers milling heartland,  discover its hidden history and learn how it played its part in our city’s history £5 (members £2) BOOKING ESSENTIAL. Meet at 2.00pm at the entrance to Roseburn Cliff off Roseburn Terrace, Corstorphine Road (by the crossing and bus stop). 
Sunday 7th October – 2.00pm
Bridges of the Water of Leith from Gorgie to Roseburn
To celebrate 200 years of the Institution of Civil Engineering (ICE) we will be joined by local expert Sandra Purves to look at the history of some of the river’s important crossings and discover the rivers newest bridge built as part of the Murrayfield flood defence works. Meet at the corner of Gorgie Road and Balgreen road at the bridge entrance to Saugthon Park £5 (members £2) BOOKING ESSENTIAL.

Next River Clean-up is in Leith on Sunday 19th August at 10.30

Meeting just off Coburg Street - Join Sandra and the volunteers for another Leith clean-up


Last blog we featured @JamesW_754 heron and dipper photos this week a feasting Kingfisher

Thank you James for letting us share your images - he did also spot the otter this week, but of course it was a day when he did not have a camera - typical


Another Busy week of tasks on the river as we finish the Balsam pulling, tidy the Stockbridge Garden and clean-up some rubbish

While may residents of Edinburgh are out enjoying the festival some a favouring some hard graft by the much more tranquil Water of Leith. Our Volunteers have been out Tuesday and Thursday finalising the balsam blitz and we were joined by staff from Changeworks who had fun in the river around Redbraes Weir. The wonderful Peregrines of Tiphereth have also been out twice this week on Wednesday and Friday focusing on the rubbish and balsam at Murrayfield  (Paul is pictured above with the dirty trolley and Karen 'hiding'!!) . I wonder how many folk realise the people power it takes to keep this river clean, green and beautiful. 

Kate collects seed the the Stockbridge garden while Rob has a little dance by the looks of it!! on Thursday

Changeworks staff get stuck in to the river task at Redbraes on Tuesday

Joe, Tony and George just cant stop pulling balsam as the visit Redbraes twice this week!! They come for the waders I think.


Balsam Boot Camp final week!!

The Trust's office became the nerve centre of a military style campaign against Himalayan balsam this summer. The walls are papered with maps, target notes and arrows as we mapped our progress pushing balsam back along the river. Thanks to the faithful who came out each time, and there was a lot of times, some of them at unusual hours. By the end of July we will have run over twenty balsam pulling sessions. Thanks also to those of you who went out in their own time to pull outliers beyond the reach of a less mobile big group, and to those of you who sent in maps and locations of spots that were't already on our radar. On the Warriston front we made our biggest wins with a massive stretch cleared. Next year our main target will be a similar stretch downstream from Redbraes Weir, I can hardly wait.


DATES FOR THE FINAL PUSH - before it starts to seed
Monday 30th July 2.00 - 5.00 pm Himalayan balsam pulling at Warriston
Tuesday 31st July 10.30 – 1.00 Balsam Boot Camp at Gorgie. 
Friday 3rd August 10.30 – 1.00pm FINAL Balsam Session of 2018!!  Meet at the Centre