Coalie Park born in the 80s, plans to revitalise the area 40 years on.

Take a look at the plans for Coalie Park and check out these wonderful 1980's images of the area

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In June 1982 the former Water of Leith Coal yard and railway sidings was dubbed ‘Coalie Park’ for the first time and formally opened by Tom Morgan the Lord Provost of the time. It was a transformative project which changed this industrial site into a valuable greenspace in Leith. 40 years later the site is almost unrecognisable especially as you see the growth in the trees and shrubs.

Sadly today the space can appear run down and neglected, but hopefully change is on its way for this much loved space. This winter we have planted hundreds of wildflowers, which we hope will pop up in the spring, volunteers have cleared back the path edges, scraped out the vegetation from cobbles, and cut back some invasive buddleia.

In 2023 we hope to find funding to make the Coalie Park Improvement Plan a reality. We are also looking for feedback on proposed changes to the layout of the National Cycle Route, Car Park and accessible steps to the waterside.

What do you think? Just four accessible parking spaces, relocated Citadel Youth centre container, new seats, upgraded path surfaces, planters, oak trees, re-sculpted riverside steps and spillway. Email [email protected] with your comments

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