The Interceptor Sewers; how Victorian Edinburgh cleaned up the Water of Leith

What the Victorians did for the Water of Leith, sending the three p's elsewhere

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Supporters who come along to our guided walks or those who read our posts regularly cannot fail to notice that we do have a tendency to go on and on about sewage, the sewer system and impacts of venting CSO’s (combined sewer overflows) on the river.

Well imagine our delight to discover a wonderfully illustrated account of creation of the ‘interceptor sewer’ along the Water of Leith. Thank you to Andy Artur and the wonderful website for the article – follow the link below to learn more of how and why this vital structure was built

My favourite quote being this description of the Coltbridge mill dam and lades:

A deposit of putrescent sewage and other decomposing organic matter [which] is continually evolving noxious gases and germs, of a nature to produce and provoke miasmatic and malarious disease, and to endanger the health of persons who reside in, or who have occasion to frequent the neighbourhood.

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