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Spongilla lacustris – SPONGES

Not quite enough to wash with but this amazing ‘animal’ was spotted by botanically minded volunteer Kate while wading for …


Marvelous Meadows

Our marvelous Meadows along the Water of Leith are full of life. This week volunteers removed invasive Himalayan Balsam & …

Kingfisher, Dave Stewart

Wonderful Kingfisher video and photos from Dave Stewart via Twitter

The urban noises mixed with the spring bird song is a bit off putting but great to see him catching lots of fish

Otter and Cub, Bill Brown

Beautiful Otter images of mother and cub captured by Bill Brown

Thank you Bill for allowing us to share these beautiful images from Water of Leith Edinburghs River facebook page – …


Wildflower Meadows Survey reveals increase in plant species in both Bells and Bogs Mill Meadow

Cracking the Secret Code! The Trust has created many wildflower meadow areas along the WOL with the aim of increasing plant biodiversity …


Wildlife Watchers this week take amazing images of the Kingfishers, Otters and young families in Leith

If you follow us on Twitter you will have seen many of these glorious images of the Kingfisher feasting on …


Out of the House and Into the River: Get Your Homeschooling Rocking in June

Getting fed up with homeschooling during the heatwave? As we move into Phase One of Lockdown easing, it’s now allowable …


Some more lovely videos of the river and the wildflowers of the Dells by Bryce

For those who are missing the sights and sounds of the river – here is a very atmospheric video. And …


Your river lockdown photos shared in a video and a lovely poem from one of our Volunteers

Thank you to all who shared your images with us. One of our trustees has kindly compiled a video which …


An “Undescribed” fungus found growing on a moss in the Dells

We are exceedingly lucky to have unknown species, yet to be named, thriving in a city’s wild space.


Learn about Butterflies with Anthony – wonderful video to watch and id sheets to download

Created by friend of the Trust, Anthony McCluskey, from the Butterfly Conservation Trust, see above a fantastic video and below a …

Leaping Otter by Richard Wells

Leaping Otters!! Sightings and stunning photos of our otters continue to pour in on twitter and email

Thank you to Richard Wells for this stunner taken around Saughton Park